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Assembly of DAES members 2022 (Robanov kot, 3/6/2022)

The first Friday in June is the day for DAES! At that time, we take time for relaxed socializing among colleagues, review the achievements of the past year and agree on our activities in the future. Before the Assembly of Members, we visited two (of many) good practices in the Upper Savinja Valley, organized by colleagues from KGZ Celje (Marjana Avberšek, Štefka Goltnik) and tireless organizer Ben Moljek: Brinečev mlin in Sp. Rečica and the Suhodolnik farm in Krnica. This was followed by the Assembly of Members at tourist farm Govc-Vršnik in Robanov kot. In the published material you will find a summary of the work of members in the period June 2021 - May 2022. And some snapshots.