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DAES/ÖGA konferenca - Guidelines for authors and presenters

Dear Authors,

we sincerely thank you for your contribution to the DAES/ÖGA conference program! Together, we put together an event program that gives participants and online visitors an insight into the current research and professional work of agricultural&resource economists in our region and encourages high-quality public discussion about the current economic and organizational challenges of agriculture, agri-food chains and rural areas.

The results of your research will be published in the form of (peer-reviewed and revised) short papers in the conference proceedings. In this contribution, we contact you with some instructions and guidelines regarding your presentation at the conference and the possible dissemination of the presented works in the form of scientific articles in international journals.

Regarding the presentation of your works at the DAES/ÖGA conference, three requests:

  1. Please confirm the presentation of your contributions to the Conference Organizing Committee. Please send us a short confirmation message to the association's email address ( by Monday, September 12, stating the name of the lecturer(s) at the conference.
  2. To avoid unnecessary delays and technical problems at the conference itself, we kindly ask you to prepare your presentations in advance and send them to by Monday, September 19. In case the presentation is too large to send by e-mail, you can use one of the web-based data transfer applications, such as WeTransfer.
  3. When preparing your slides and accompanying text, please plan for a 15-minute duration for your presentation. This will allow plenty of time for discussion during your session's allotted time frame.

We also use this opportunity for your reflection on presenting your contributions at the DAES/ÖGA conference in the form of scientific articles. According to the geographical and thematic scope of the papers presented and in accordance with the long-standing practice of ÖGA conferences, the Austrian Journal of Agricultural Economics and Rural Studies will prepare a special issue with selected papers from the conference. You are cordially invited to consider preparing a contribution for the AJARS vol.32! The submission deadline is January 5, 2023.

We also received a kind invitation to participate in the open access journal of the European Association of Agricultural Economists QOpen. This call is an excellent opportunity for papers with wider international relevance, meaning they reach a wider readership. Following the recommendation of the editors of the QOpen journal, we intend to collect and submit the papers presented at the DAES/ÖGA conference and submit them to the journal in the form of a special issue of QOpen. The internal deadline for receiving your contributions is 30 November 2022.